"And He found you lost and guided you"93:7

Happy birthday Bebet // February 19, 2014
2:09 AM

To my dear best-friend/boipren/classmate ,

Fitri Hana GulamHaidar or better known as Bebet,

May this day will remind you that you are getting older
and hopefully you will become wiser and prettier.

May a lot of positive energy will be blessed by Allah for you.
Stop looking down on yourself and prove to other people you are more than they can see.

Make your parents proud
Make your families proud
Make me proud

Although you don't like it, I don't care and I still would like to dedicate this post for you,

Happy 19th birthday Bebet!

Oh I forgot you hate pretty picture of yours so...

Love you!!

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2013's roller coaster // January 1, 2014
12:40 AM
What I managed to remember and capture during


Celebrated Fana's birthday and ended it with ice cream party. Fun and sweet.
Besides, having fun at home or in other words, bermalasan tak ingat dunia.

*Bermalasan tak ingat dunia means malam berjaga tonton korean variety show tengah hari baru celik mata

and also sometimes I seems like tak tentu arah macam kucing hilang anak.
of course-lah. Cuak tunggu result SPM kot!

Went job hunting with Nisa and tada

Birthday? Well, it's my second day of work if I was not mistaken. Night shift pulak tu woi.
Nevermind, Mama's cake ( i dont remember what cake hahaha. Red velvet kot) , free sub of the day from jolina and touching blog entries from Nurie, Fana & Farah. They made me happy and yeah of course, not to forget, all of the duas I received. Feeling blessed more than ever.


Another month spent with MPH.

spm's result.

Got no happy picture after I got the slip haha. But, alhamdulillah, add math pass hihi
I deserved what I got.

I don't really remember what happened during this month.
Maybe I cant slept well because of UPU haha.
Applied dentistry at Assiut University, Egypt as my backup plan.
What a plan! ahahaha

As I expected,
"Maaf, blabla"
My heart sank.
Maybe I am destined to fulfill Mama's dream.
Redha jelah.
Kept googling about egypt and stuff.
Can't lie that I was excited to go there.

*Bonus point, Ajlaa will be with me!

Mama told me to check the e-rayuan blabla
"Tahniah, blabla UIA"

Clicked the uia url's thingy like crazy but got no access.
"Takpe lah, esok boleh kot"
All thanks to Sumayyah who whatsapped me.
If not, I didnt know I must register, check in blabla on the next day.

Oh ya, another thing must remember on this month, dinner with le family at manhattan fish market. My treat!


Because of the new environment, subjects, assignments,
what happen ah cant remember ahahaha
Oh yeahhhh,
I am capable to go back home by myself using public transport now hihi
Say no to air pollution! eh.

First ramadhan ever without family.
It went well alhamdulillah.
Iftar with roommates, checked
Iftar with family, checked
Iftar with gammarians, checked



I'm an O !

Stress! Stress! Stress! << final examination's normal mood

End of semester 1!
Photo: last memory bfre cuti. last exam.last paper. last sem. last day. and our friendship will last forever.

Short sem!

It's a lazy sem. Not many people around and I rarely go home.
Sleep and study and sleep back. Eat after and before sleep.
Eh, I went usrah with my roommates several times and gained a lot.

End of short semester

So that's how I spent my 2013.
It was tough.
It was fun.

Let's create new memories and face the challenges together.

what i most remember from the usrah

Ujian itu nikmat. Nikmat itu ujian.

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'Kita tahu kita ni hamba tapi kita tak sedar yang kita hamba' // December 8, 2013
11:01 PM
Hi and assalamualaikum.

To all people and my friends who'd been questioning why 
Allah tested us, gave us many challenges that we thought we can't survive from it,
To whom still can't see the hikmah,

please read the title of this post


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